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We’re excited to continue our Follow the Bride series with our gorgeous feature bride, Heather, and her handsome groom Joe, from the proposal to the cake, to the final cheers with their feature drink (and even to their upcoming Honeymoon through New Zealand). Their adventure vibes are so contagious; we couldn’t help sharing.

Engagement photos by luv2cre88

Joe and Heather met at Wildflowers Too, a local restaurant, where Joe was bartending. After seeing Heather walk into the restaurant, Joe says, “I quickly turned to my buddy and said, ‘I should talk to her, she is smoking hot.’ He quickly brought me back to earth for a minute and said, ‘What are you nuts! Dude? You’re old with red hair’… or something to make me realize I was swinging for the fences on this one.”

About a week later, Heather’s friend Lauren, who was waitressing at Wildflowers Too while she and Heather were in Nursing school, said this guy “Joe” who she works with thought Heather was “cute.” Heather soon realized that she had a Facebook friend request from Joe, and Heather says,” I then “Facebook stalked” him, and from what I could see that was public information, he appeared to be married, with a baby, and I assumed he was trying to cheat on his wife. So I continued to ignore his friend request and continued on with my life/Nursing school/studying.” After some time, Lauren, the matchmaker, suggested they all hang out. Heather realized that, “Come to find out… he was not married, (that was a photo of him dancing with his sister at her wedding) and he does not have kids (which wouldn’t have mattered, but it was a photo of him laying on the floor with his first baby nephew).”

Heather with a smile says, “Persistence was key in Joey’s attempt to hang out.  Exams would break the few plans that we tried to make for a group hang out with Lauren and her boyfriend. Until one night when I was up late “studying,” Joey caught me on Facebook. We started a long chat back and forth about anything, but Nursing (what I was suppose to be studying).” After Joe’s stories that always ended in, “Oh I’ll tell you when I see you, it’s too long to type,” they came to realize that they had much in common, including living only 3 minutes away from each other. They got together and hung out until 5 o’clock in the morning.

The rest is history, and they are now creating their own exciting adventures as they continue to build their life TOGETHER FOREVER (including their amazing honeymoon plans that we cannot wait for).

In true adventure vibes fashion, Joe’s proposal captured the couple’s free spirit. After restoring a vintage 1968 Aristocrat lo-liner, Heather and Joe drove up to East Stroudsburg, PA for a camping trip, where Joe (with help from their adorable dog, Fin) popped the question. They planned their beautiful beach inspired wedding in Long Beach Island, NJ with personal touches from the flowers to handmade signs, and Love O. will be documenting it along the way over the next couple of weeks. 

See their restoration and Joe’s surprise engagement:


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