Berlin Anniversary


Berlin balances a feeling of fast-paced excitement with slow living in a way I haven’t experienced elsewhere. Partly because I love riding bikes, partly because I love potatoes, and of course, a lot because I enjoyed the heated indoor pool and sauna in the top floor of our hotel after a day of riding bikes and eating potatoes, Berlin is it for an anniversary trip.

Holding hands while riding bikes through the Tiergarten, a veritable forest at the center of the city, sipping sparkling beer under chestnut trees at our favorite beer garden, and watching penguins swim at the majestic, fence free Berlin Zoo (who knew?) are a few of my fond memories from the green city. Add wonderful public transportation, delicious street food, and friendly people and you’ve made my it list. For anniversaries. For traveling by yourself. For exploring.

A must: Fat tire bike tours. Cycle through the city while you take in it’s history, or story, as told by humorous twenty somethings. A lot of them are Australians.

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Entryway to the zoo


Berlin Cathedral, 1905

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The Reichstag Building, seat of German parliament, has a glass dome that offers 360 degree views while symbolizing transparency between German government and its people.

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Where was your favorite anniversary?


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